Saturday, November 2, 2013

That time we went to Utah: Part 6 Family Photos and more

In our last few days in Utah our friend Laura, owner of Sugar Grenade Designs and Photography, did a photo shoot for us since Jake was able to come for the weekend. She took some amazing pictures and we're blessed to finally have done a family photo in 8 years of being married. Thank you Laura! Below are some of my favorite silly pictures and ones of the kids that really capture their personality. Jake also took the kids on a hike. Jake, Laura and I went to Provo to see a rooftop concert that was rained out but we had fun anyways. And we visited our friends, the Burnsides, on our way out of town.

Such a great trip! Can't wait to go back for Thanksgiving!

Holden, Piper, Beckham, Jack, Adele and Cooper. Old pals :)

Waiting out a rainstorm at Sammy's in Provo

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