Friday, November 1, 2013

That time we went to Utah: Part 2 Matt and Nicole's

After a long-ish day in the car to St. George the next day wasn't too bad. Lots more to see especially once we hit Provo. We stopped in Provo for lunch at Del Taco, I let the kids run around in the play place then we were on our way again. We arrived at Matt and Nicole's mid-afternoon and the kids picked right up from where they left off.

Picnic dinner tacos outside

Nicole picked up a kitten at the grocery store right before we got there. All the girls were in love, that poor poor kitten!


Playing t-ball at the park

First time for the boys and they loved it

Aubree and Cooper

Nicole with Adele, Olivia and Syd

These kids had so much fun together!

Getting lunch at the school

The little town they live in is really really little and super cute!

We walked a couple of miles for sno-cones in the middle of the day. It was SO hot!

Cooling off and getting jacked up on sugar before we walk back.

Everybody shared and tried all the flavors.

Sprinkler time!


We love spending time with the Matt Frys. I soooo wish we saw each other more often! There are many years of good times to come with them though :)

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