Friday, November 1, 2013

That time we went to Utah: Part 3 The Adamses

After a couple of days in Garland we drove south an hour into Ogden to visit with old friends, meet their beautiful daughter for the first time and have a sleepover. We got a pizza feast from Costco, took a walk to the park and stayed up way too late talking and catching up. Stuart made us breakfast and we went to the splash pad where Laura took some priceless photos of the kids playing. Here are some of my favorites: (And p.s....I really am the worst at taking pictures, why don't I have any others from your house Laura?!)

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Autumn, the funniest and most charming little toddler you'll ever meet. No joke!

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  1. I think because we were talking SO much! That was such a good trip, a really great visit! I'm glad we're old friends :)