Saturday, November 2, 2013

That time we went to Utah: Part 4 Layton

After our day with Laura, Stuart & Autumn we headed over to Aunt Julie and Uncle Wayne's place 15 minutes down the road where we'd be for the next week. My parents, sister Carly and brother Chad came for just a couple of days to celebrate 4th of July with us all.

Cousins Logan and Adam take the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese in the Jeep

Aunt Julie bought the kids a t-ball set and some girly toys for Adele

Playing at the splash pad and getting a sno-cone on the way home.

Seeing Monster University with Mimi, Pop pops Carly and Chad

Chad, the best uncle in the world, playing with his nephews. Boys.

Lots of time snacking and talking on the back porch. One of my favorite places to be :)

Took the kids and Chad to a children's science center in SLC.

A miniature house with a miniature kitchen

Jack on the green screen

A hurricane simulator
Our friend in Yucaipa had to drive to a job up in Idaho and offered to bring Jake to Utah for the 4th so we met up in Salt Lake after the science center to pick him up to spend a couple of days with us and drive back to CA together. Up next, 4th of July!....

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