Saturday, November 2, 2013

1st grade Cooper, Our anniversary and our picture-less trip to WA

After our exchange students left (literally, 4 hours after I dropped them off) Jake's mom flew in from Washington. We showed her around town, she took us to Claim Jumper for an early dinner and we packed all evening to leave the next morning to drive up to Washington. We drove up to Yreka, CA the first night and stayed in a ghetto little motel room. Left early the next morning and made it home by 2 or 3 in the afternoon. The kids and the dog (oh yeah, we brought the dog) did great the whole way. No throwing up! That's a big deal for us. It was cold and rainy when we pulled into town. We spent the week cramming in as much as we could and seeing as many people as we could see. Jake's parents flew him up for the end of the week to attend my 10 year HS reunion with me and drive back on Monday. We left early Monday morning. Jack puked about a mile away so we turned around, showered him off and grabbed a couple of towels and lots of bags for the long drive home. The plan was to go all the way and we did it. Pulled into the driveway at about 2 in the morning. Jack was sick a few times on the way down, mostly in Northern CA. Tuesday was a recoup day and Wednesday was Cooper's first day of school. We had an amazing summer to say the least.

First day of school

Mom Brag----> first in his class to receive a HUGS award second year in a row

Our friends Megan and Brandon offered to take the kids for a night on our anniversary weekend. Jake worked all summer in Newport Beach and stayed with a nice family from our church a few days out there. They had told Jake they'd be gone the weekend of our anniversary and we were welcome to stay at their house if we wanted to. We took advantage of these generous offers and drove into the sunset together Friday night, walked downtown Laguna and ate at a pizza place that night. Stopped at DQ for some ice cream and called it a night. The next morning we went back in to Laguna for an amazing breakfast at Nick's then wandered all around Laguna and Huntington Beach for the rest of the day. First time away as just a couple EVER! Really, since our honeymoon. About time!

The one and probably most important picture from our anniversary: Breakfast at Nick's in Laguna Beach. AMAZING!

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